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Fort Wayne Indiana has jumped on the smoking BAN-WAGON!

If everyone could get past "managed" TV media- You might be able to hear what one business person has to say- The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over ANY member of a civilized community against his will is to prevent harm to others. For "HIS OWN GOOD, EITHER PHYSICAL OR MORAL, IS NOT SUFFICIENT WARRANT!

Fort Wayne City elections are now over.

Councilman who proposed the "city wide" smoking ban, (Crawford) was NOT re-elected!

Having the "majority" elected in City Council who had campaigned to "re-visit the smoking ban, amend the present ban, exempt over 21 businesses & private clubs"-


Liz Brown had enough votes to take Crawford's seat on City Council. She has the same mentality of Crawford in regard to the smoking ban. Brown's comments after the election,  "the ban should stay the way it is, there are other city matters that would need to be addressed before the smoking ban, it would not be fair to the business owners that have already built a separate smoking area".

Our vote against Crawford clearly states that the people of Fort Wayne do not need a Government appointed nanny! Our hands have been tied since June. Now, over 20 local businesses are closed! Franchise business "UNO'S" just closed it's doors! Tell me again how the smoking ban- AKA, "Crawford's resume enhancer" helped our local economy?

Brown states it would not be fair to revisit the smoking ban because business owners have built the add on's? That is ridiculous! We invested OUR own money to accommodate the customers that support OUR business. Have you noticed that it is now winter? Those add on's are "outside"! What will we spend to heat that area in the winter? How about the business owner DECIDE how fair it would be? Your not paying our bills either!

Latest update-Jan 28, 2008

We could of all guessed this one. The "people" of Fort Wayne "HAD" majority voted into council who campaigned to "revisit" the smoking ban to "get elected".  Back peddling politicians, "Glynn Hines D-6th district" and to our surprise, "Tom Didier R-3rd district" now unsure about changing the ban.

Micro-managing the people of Fort Wayne continues to drive FORMER city councilman "John Crawford". He is now, "hard at work getting supporters of the restrictions to send letters to the council". We know the "supporters" of the ban have not nor can they support every local adult business in the city of Fort Wayne.

We did our part, our voice WAS our vote! It's now time to hold each of you who campaigned to "re-visit" the city smoking ban "if elected" accountable in getting this opinion ban back on the ballot. That includes Glen Hines and Tim Didier. Didier now says, he might abstain from voting on an amendment because of his job selling food to bars and restaurants. I do not recall Didier mentioning THAT part to be re-elected?

Abstaining from a vote because of conflict of interest didn't keep councilman Tim Pape's vote silent on the Second baseball diamond downtown, (Pape works for the firm hired by the city on Harrison Square, he was also the most vocal in support of Harrison Square, of course. I wonder, does Pape's law firm hold box seats at the new baseball diamond being built also)?

Tim Pape states, "it would make more sense to focus those efforts on a new topic".

Don't you get it? Business owners in the city of Fort Wayne who are struggling to make a living have no bigger topic right now! We have our hands tied with higher taxes, higher gas prices, politicians who reap the rewards of box seats at a second baseball diamond downtown while the "people" are left with the bill.

Amend the smoking ban in our city to allow business owners that cater to adults the CHOICE to be smoke free or smoking. Let the "adults" in the city decide which business they will support. Local grocery stores used to have 1-2 aisles of alcohol on the shelves, there are now several aisles of alcohol, why? Do the math!

Our vote against political micro-managing said, you had become politicians and no longer representatives of "we the people".


Tobacco Taxes and Payments for Indiana- Excise tax collection for the fiscal year ending June 2006: $343,491,000-Total federal excise tax collection in fiscal year 2006: $7,480,030,000! 2007 should be higher after the NEW cigarette tax increase in July.

I suppose it's not feasible FOR YOU to show your "proof" why cigarettes should be taken off the market across the USA for "safety & health reasons" right Mr. Government?

Cigarettes remain on the market, to be sold as a "choice". Government Hypocrisy.

Over 21 businesses that cater to adults should be exempt from smoking ban wagons! We're talking about bars, nightclubs & private clubs, not a government building! Those who apply at our place of business have a choice, apply where smoking is allowed, or apply to work at a posted non-smoking establishment. Adults are capable of making a choice!

Until proven otherwise, this is not about "public safety", it is more Government control on what used to be a Free society. Land of the Free? Nothing is free. We will continue to fight for our rights-one of those rights IS the Freedom to Choose in America!

Our vote was against- "Politicians who seem to care more about gaining and maintaining power and position and seeing what they can get out of their tenure as “public servants” than they do about actually serving the public"!

Henry David Thoreau said in the 19th century, "the government that governs best, governs least". He was right then---he is right today!

Senator Evan Bayh replied- "Our nation is based on the principle of self determination, in which the CITIZENS GOVERN THEMSELVES".

Indiana Government e-mail reply- I respect your passion.  Smoking is a choice like many other social issues.  I believe that a private business owner has the right to allow smoking.  I also believe that his customers will influence his decision by going elsewhere if they don’t like it.   

The Governor of Indiana-Mitch Daniels-we'll see him coming with his "new and improved" campaign promises as he runs for RE-election. When taxpayers are picketing the governors home because our property taxes are going up AGAIN-Homeowners have filed lawsuits, as Governor Daniels announces that there is over 1 billion dollars in THE STATES "rainy day" account- It's a Category 5 hurricane in INDIANA-loosen YOUR purse strings and help the people!

We will NOT fall for "EMPTY" campaign promises. What you have DONE and said while in office "for the people in the State of Indiana" will be our vote. Not what you "could" do if re-elected. Been there, done that! Enough.

(I never claimed to be a journalist-if your caught up on my fragmented sentences-you missed what is being shared-again).


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