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1st letter & 2nd letter "GOVERNMENT NANNYISM"- Has gone city & state wide to elected officials. Replies copied below.

To find out what your own state has taken in from the sale of tobacco-go to:

Young people, your vote counts!

Register to vote -The deadline to register to vote is OCTOBER 9, 2007. If you are mailing it in-it must be "postmarked" October 9, 2007.

As Government leaves cigarettes & alcohol on the shelves to be sold as a "choice"-

We must stand up for our Freedom to choose!


bulletFORT WAYNE CITY COUNCIL- Re-elections are coming up in November. Trying to silence our voices again, they now will vote for all "political signs" and any sign to be removed from the city. Perfect timing BEFORE THE ELECTIONS. It's second hand politicians that need to be removed, not the signs!


Glynn Hines- did not vote for or against the smoking BAN, If you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything! VOTED IN FAVOR of a CITY owned 2nd baseball diamond downtown 

Timothy Pape- Voted IN FAVOR of the smoking BAN-HIS personal e-mail reply that elected public servant are capable of deciding what is best for the MAJORITY of the people & HIS "logic" behind his vote in favor of the smoking ban can be seen on the smoking ban wagon page at the bottom, "Councilman Pape rebuttal". Pape also Voted IN FAVOR of 2nd baseball diamond- Pape has been the most vocal supporter (grandstanding to the TV & Media regarding Harrison Square)- Pape is also employed by the law firm the CITY hired as "legal council" on the Harrison Square Project. Was HIS vote representing the public or his OWN personal interest? Conflict of interest? You decide.

Tom Hayhurst- Voted IN FAVOR of the smoking "opinion" BAN/VOTED IN FAVOR of a CITY owned 2nd baseball diamond downtown

Don Schmidt- Voted IN FAVOR of the smoking "opinion" BAN/VOTED AGAINST GOV OVERSPENDING on a 2nd  "City Owned" downtown baseball diamond.

John Shoaft- Voted IN FAVOR of the smoking "opinion" BAN/VOTED AGAINST GOV OVERSPENDING on a 2nd  "City Owned" downtown baseball diamond.

John Crawford- Voted IN FAVOR of the smoking "opinion" BAN/VOTED IN FAVOR of a CITY owned 2nd baseball diamond downtown

Tom Smith- Voted IN FAVOR of the smoking "opinion" BAN/VOTED AGAINST GOV OVERSPENDING on a 2nd  "City Owned" downtown baseball diamond.

Sam Talarico- Voted IN FAVOR of the smoking "opinion" BAN/VOTED IN FAVOR of a CITY owned 2nd baseball diamond downtown

Thomas Didier- ONLY vote AGAINST the city wide "opinion" smoking BAN/VOTED IN FAVOR of a CITY owned 2nd baseball diamond downtown


6-12-07 Personal phone call from Councilman Didier, to remind me he voted against the smoking BAN-     Thank you

Public Servant-City Councilman John Crawford - Has in my opinion used the smoking ban to enhance his own personal resume & grandstand to the media-PERIOD! Take your "proof" to the legislature or keep your hands out of our registers!  9 local businesses in Fort Wayne have been forced to close since June 1, 2007 because YOU & the other 7 councilmen did not protect our city business ability to compete with surrounding cities. You ask for MORE proof. There are 25 pages of random smoking BAN damage proof throughout the USA-(not recently updated) Besides our own business proof already given-You could-(but won't) Ask our local vendors, "Gordon's, Atlas, liquor distributors", how much is Ft Wayne businesses orders down compared to outside the city limits up since June 1, 2007. Ask how much the liquor stores "sales" are UP now that adults are buying carry out & staying at home or driving out of the city limits? Grocery stores now have SEVERAL aisles of alcohol. Business owners should not be forced to be "smoke free"- just in case you or a "handful" of non-smokers should ever decide to enter. Do you really think your personal "opinion" matters more that that of the rest of the FREE society?

Mayor Graham Richards-(not running for re-election) Said HE will VETO any attempt to lift the City Wide Smoking Ban

Who are the two people running for Mayor of the second biggest city in Indiana?

Matt Kelty & Tom Henry

Matt Kelty addressed the smoking ban on adults "being wrong"-However told the "Family Values" group that he would impose regulations "adult oriented businesses" in Ft Wayne. *How much "value" does a family have when they can not pay their bills or support their own family? You say "less government"-we've heard that one before.

Business owners gathered July 25th, to decide who we would endorse in the upcoming "city council" elections. Matt Kelty was at the meeting, he had the opportunity to address "adult" business owners concerns on his newest campaign promise "for votes" to the Family Value group, to regulate adult businesses in Fort Wayne. Instead he left his attorney & his campaign manager Glenna Jehl to speak for him. Business owners have the right to stand up and question why Kelty would agree to impose MORE government regulations, when he is campaigning to SHRINK government. Jehl did Kelty no favors giving her negative opinion to the newspaper-"they are glad to not have the endorsements after finding out what the groups main issue was. It was a farce is really what it was". Jehl has also stated that "the publicity over Kelty's legal problems has actually helped. (Money for his campaign, money Kelty is using to "clear" his name through the media, instead of the courts? No thanks)!

Kelty indicted in August of NINE CRIMINAL CHARGES, INCLUDING SEVEN FELONIES, related to campaign finance violations and perjury. This is not a "politically motivated witch hunt". Kelty has been found GUILTY by a GRAND JURY. If Kelty wants to proclaim his innocence, he should petition the courts for a trial BEFORE the election in November. Buying "commercial" time will not buy our vote! If these charges are not resolved IN COURT BEFORE the election in November, why would any VOTER put their trust in you that you would "cut property taxes or shrink government", other campaign promises by Kelty.

Steve Shine, "County Republican chair" decides to "gag order & muzzle" top Republicans concerns regarding Kelty's credibility issues. Kelty "if convicted" could face felony charges & would not be allowed to take the mayors position. As quoted in the Journal Gazette, "Shine dealt with the revolt not by listening to the concerns of longtime, dedicated party members but by shutting down the committee".

Should Steve Shine appoint the next mayor of Ft Wayne if Kelty is found guilty AFTER the elections? Without the community (as a majority) VOTE of approval? That is ridiculous.

Tom Henry-also running for Mayor of Fort Wayne

"His campaign has been focused on intricacies of city government". The people of Fort Wayne already know the charges against Matt Kelty. Fort Wayne "voters" are tired of politicians who use the media for "personal" agendas. We are waiting to hear what you can do for our city & the people of Fort Wayne as Mayor. As a business owner, I ask you, would you support a smoking exemption on adult businesses-if the ban is lifted by a new city council? Do you support "less government" by supporting local business owners ability to cater to adults without Government regulations or "personal opinion bans"?

INDIANA GOVERNOR: MITCH DANIELS- Nickname-"Governor Privatize" (New York Times) Governor Mitch Daniels announced his re-election at the parking lot of the Hinkle Fieldhouse at Butler University. Governor Daniels noted, in a message sent to supporters around the state following his announcement: "In these three years, we have come a long way, and today Indiana is clearly on the rise. We must press ahead, creating a state government that is limited but responsive, keeping taxes as low as possible, and making Indiana a magnet for jobs and growth. We cannot be afraid to advance new ideas, or to generate new discussion about how Indiana can continue moving forward". 

1st & 2nd letter- "AUTOMATED RESPONSE". 3rd letter e-mailed to ALL Indiana State Government officials: Reply 7-26-07 Thank you for contacting Governor Mitch Daniels regarding smoking in public places.  Governor Daniels appreciates the time you took to share your comments about such an important matter. He has asked that I contact you regarding your concerns. Governor Daniels has not signed any legislation banning smoking in public places. Smoking ordinances are handled on a local level. I encourage you to contact your local elected officials to express your views on a smoking ban. Again thank you for sharing your comments and concerns. Sincerely, Neosha Burns-Governor's Liaison for the Indiana State Department of Health

Other Government replies:

Senator Evan Bayh- United States Senator-June 22, 2007 Thank you for contacting me regarding issues related to smoking and tobacco. I appreciate hearing thoughts and understand your concerns. Our nation is based on the principle of self determination in which the citizens govern themselves. (EXACTLY). It is therefore essential that Americans vote in elections and take the time to contact Representatives and Senators, just as you have done. In regard to a ban on smoking in restaurants, I encourage you to contact your municipal government as these regulations are determined at the local level. Several proposals regarding health issues related to smoking and tobacco use have been introduced in the Senate. Please be assured that if legislation on this issue should come before the Senate, I will give careful consideration to your views. Again, thank you for contacting me. I hope the information I have provided is helpful. -Evan Bayh- U.S. Senator Thank you for your time & personal reply.

State Of Indiana House of Representatives- "State Rep-Richard Dodge"-Replied to "Government Nannyism" by mail June 27, 2007- I recently received your email regarding your disapproval of the smoking ban in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I appreciate your concerns over legislation which affects, or has the potential to affect, this particular matter. Your thoughts have merit and are part of a broader issue the General Assembly would do well to consider. Sincerely, Richard A. Dodge State Representative District 51 Thank you for your time & personal reply.

Phyllis Pond-State Representative-Reply to "Government Nannyism" by mail-7-3-07

Thank you for your emails regarding Allen County's Smoking Ban. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue. I can certainly understand your concern with this matter. However, Like you mention, the local city council members are responsible for this measure and I have no jurisdiction. I recommend addressing your concerns with the Allen County Commissioner's Office. The Allen County Commissioner's are Nelson Peters, Linda Bloom, and Bill Brown, and can be reached by telephone at (260) 449-7555. Should this issue be addressed at a State level, I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind. Again, thank you for taking the time to share your comments and concerns with me on this issue. Please don't hesitate to contact my office with any questions you may have. Sincerely, Phyllis Pond. Thank you for your time & personal reply.

Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters reply:
Thanks for the email and the website reference.  Although, some have looked to the County Commissioners as being those who created limitations, the ordinance passed by the county commissioners last November 22, did provide cities and towns within Allen County the choice to opt out.  That choice also precluded restrictions to those establishments where the age for admittance was 21. I would be happy to discuss that ordinance further if you would like and can be reached at 449-7555.  Thanks again for your email. 
Nelson Peters Thank you for your time & personal reply.

*The Cincinnati OHIO Enquirer wrote- "Common Please Judge Fred Nelson refused to block enforcement of the law concluding Ohioans do not have a constitutional right to smoke OR OWN a business that permits smoking. There is no fundamental right to smoke in public, Nelson wrote in his decision. This court declines to fabricate such a right". Of course the courts decline to fabricate. These are "personal opinions".

Fort Wayne Board of Health: July 10, 2007- Allen County Health Commissioner Deborah McMahan spoke to city council, asking them to continue the ban without any changes. "The ban is not without consequences," she said.  "But businesses need to ask city council for a grant or loan to them through this tough time.  If businesses really suffer after a year, Fort Wayne would be the first in the country to see a negative impact on business from a smoking ban." How much is a "temporary grant or loan" worth-if ANY business is FORCED to close permanently? There are 24 pages of businesses affected by "random" smoking bans- to include 6 now closed in Fort Wayne. look up ban damage-25 PAGES, more if it were updated with all the recent "opinion" BAN damage. If smoking were a true "safety concern"-take your claimed "scientific medical PROOF" to the legislature.

THE LIE: Second hand smoke is a public health issue.

THE TRUTH: It is impossible for SHS (second hand smoke) to be a public health issue for the simple reason there is NO proof that SHS has hurt anyone. The smoke haters like to point out that the Health Departments have the right to control smoking issues for the same reason they have the right to check on health conditions in restaurants and bars. *This is a specious argument primarily because TRUE health issues in food service establishments relate primarily in microbes and organisms that have an absolute direct effect on health and sanitation. It IS the Health Departments' SOLE responsibility to see to it that health standards are maintained. If individuals are concerned about SHS a SIMPLE NOTICE STATING THAT SMOKING IS ALLOWED is all that is needed for the PUBLIC to make a decision about patronizing an establishment. This concept is called, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!

Ft Wayne Police Dept Chief: Rusty York: Business owners in Ft Wayne are loosing money since the smoking BAN-WAGON took affect- Unlike Ft Wayne police cashing in. Police/CITY profit by patrolling Fort Wayne City limits, AKA "hot spot ticket zone since June 1, 2007".

"The problems we have today will not be solved by the minds that created them".

Register to vote-When no one is listening to what the majority of the people of Ft Wayne are saying-Let your voice be heard at the poles in November.



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